Who we are Mes Amis School

A parent managed non-profit cooperative preschool that offers educational programming for three to five year olds.

Our Mission

To provide a responsive French Immersion learning experience that will stimulate curiosity, build social interaction skills and encourage independence, responsibility and participation.

Our Goal

To prepare students to be successful in kindergarten and French Immersion Kindergarten by offering a high quality learning experience with many opportunities for students to advance and grow beyond their current level of knowledge and abilities.

Our Philosophy

  • Children are able and competent learners
  • Exploration, discovery, and play should be central in the learning process
  • The purpose of preschool is to prepare children for Kindergarten
  • Learning should be open-ended and designed to increase children’s independence while acknowledging expanded abilities
  • Children should be actively involved in the learning process and encouraged to construct their own understandings
  • Children grow most in a positive environment where desired attributes are modeled and practiced
  • Learning should focus on social interaction to promote cognitive and language development

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What we offer

  • An Introduction to French Immersion education
  • Student-centered programming
  • A purposefully designed and structured learning space
  • An "in school" environment to facilitate a smooth transition to Kindergarten
  • Monthly excursions / guests
  • Volunteer and involvement opportunities for families
  • A combination of self-directed centre learning and direct instruction
  • Flexible enrolment opportunities to best meet student’s needs


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Mes Amis Preschool - Regina
3301 Garnet Street
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