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urvashee 2016 17

Mme Urvashee is returning to Mes Amis Preschool for the 2017/18 school year. This will be her third year with Mes Amis Preschool. Mme Urvashee has nearly completed her Early Childhood Certificate Level 1 and will begin taking classes towards her Early Childhood Certificate Level 2. She has studied Phase 1 for Play and Exploration: Early Learning that was released in the Spring of 2008 by the Ministry of Education.  This is a resource for the entire early learning and child care sector and is available in English and French. She has her CPR and First Aid certificate. Mme Urvashee is fluent in four languages, including French, English, Creole, and Hindi. She has come to Regina from Mauritius where she spent 3.5 years teaching at Lucky Kids Preschool. Mme Urvashee began teaching in Mauritius out of interest for teaching her oldest child and found that she had a passion for early childhood education. She moved to Canada in 2013 and Regina in 2015. Mme Urvashee has a very kind heart and a love for children. She brings training, experience, and wonderful personality with her to Mes Amis. 



julie 2016 17

Mme Julie is returning to Mes Amis Preschool for the 2017/18 school year. This will be her second year with Mes Amis Preschool. She is experienced in adapted education and specifically in children dealing with separation anxiety. Julie is currently taking courses to complete her Level 1 Early Childhood Certificate and has completed both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Play and Exploration Workshops provided by the Ministry of Education. Julie has studied the Reggio-Emilia approach independently. Julie has additional formal education in the medical field (CT, Mammograms, Xray, and EMT). She is well educated in communication, with training specific to children. With her work experience in medical field, she was the person who was sought after when children needed care and she worked in a child focused medical facility in Calgary, AB. She has volunteered at the YMCA daycare, assisted her mother and sister who ran dayhomes, and has volunteered for her own six children's various activities. She has done presentations for kindergarten and grade 5s and recognizes the need to adapt the teaching to the different age groups.  She has vast experience working with children of varying abilities, interests, health concerns, and development levels. Julie is incredibly patient and wonderfully organized. Her experience with children who have learning challenges, anxiety, and health issues is a great asset for Mes Amis Preschool. She has gained experience with very creative teaching techniques. She is positive, energetic, and committed to teaching and playing with the children at Mes Amis.